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For buying a well-fabricated range of Oil Extraction Machine, Portable Oil Extractor Machine, Oil Extractor Machines, choose us!.

We, Vivan Global Impex, operate as a manufacturer in machine making industry with the belief to improve ourselves through innovation. For this reason, we keep incorporating new technologies that would lead us to engineer an array of oil extractor machines of unparalleled quality. The range we offer includes Temperature Controller Oil Extraction Machine, Oil Extraction Machine,Portable Oil Extractor Machine, Kitchen Organic Oil Extractor Machine, Electric Oil Extractor Machine and more of nonpareil quality. Each one of these is made using material of A grade quality that possesses the capability to obtain oil of different seeds like coconut, almonds, peanuts, cumin seeds, mustard, sesame, sunflower seed, flax seeds, soybean, etc. Apart from operating in the manufacturing domain, we work as a retailer, as well. This makes us reach a wider audience with ease.

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We are a team of 12 employees, working together to achieve our common goals that benefits our company and our customers both. To attain a competitive edge in the market,

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Quality is the first parameter that is demanded by everyone who wishes to buy a product. Therefore, we, at our company, keep a vigilant eye over each and every manufacturing

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Complete customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business. Therefore, we follow customer care approaches that always help us win customers hearts without compromising

Oil Extraction Machine

About Us
VGIPresenting, All Type Oil Expeller Machine Manufacture For Domestic & Commercial Oil Machine. You Can Use ThisOil Maker Machine To Extract Oil Of All Type Seeds Easily And With Zero Maintenance In The Machine & FullyAutomatic Stainless Steel Machine Mfg.

We Vivan Global Impex, Operate As A Manufacturer In Machine Making Industry With The Belief To Improve Ourselves Through Innovation. For This Reason, We Keep IncorporatingNew Technologies That Would Lead Us To Engineer An Array Of Oil Extractor Machines Of Best Quality. The Range We Are Offer Includes Like Cold Press Oil Machine For Commercial Use ,Oil Extraction Machine, Oil Extractor Machine, Oil Expeller Machine, MiniCommercial Oil Machine, Cold Press Oil Machine, Mini Oil Mill, Copra Cutter Machine And More Quality. Each One Of These Is Made Using Material Of A Grade Quality That Possesses The Capability To Obtain Oil Of Different Seeds Like Coconut, Almonds, Peanuts, Cumin Seeds, Mustard, Sesame, Sunflower Seed, Flaxseeds, Soybean, Etc. Apart From Operating In The Manufacturing Domain, We Works A Retailer, As Well. This Makes Us Reach A Wider Audience With Ease.
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Quality of products decides fortune of company in the business world. We take it extremely serious, we develop and serve products that are quality assured.

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Customers are valued at our company. Therefore, we give customer support services to meet their needs.

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We strive hard to deliver the most satisfactory and timely shipping services while keeping the value of commitments and time in mind.
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Our business unit offers Oil Maker Machine distributorship contracts. We provide distributorship agreements all over the nation and on-demand support and services to clients in the area. The customers can email their inquiries if they are interested in becoming a distributor for our Oil Extraction Machine.

The Advantages of Becoming a Distributor

  • The customers have the option of being their employer.
  • The clients do not need to invest anything to establish and maintain a business.
  • Our distributors have the opportunity to be a part of a successful business.
  • We offer full marketing support for the company of our customers.

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